About Stock

VintagebyLaishCloset4u brings to you an alternative style in fashion. We helps you to stand as an eye-catcher and be different than crowds. Ladies by VintagebyLaishCloset4u have a unique personality, originality that will never be the same as the others & different taste in fashion. 

Our collection was hand-picked treasury from Japan & USA. This item is Original Vintage clothing, which is either

- slightly used in previous era 

- NOS - new old stock (new stock-never worn, without tag)

- stock clearance (new with original tags). 

It was specially selected vintage clothing in terms of quality, originality and rareness. Since it is vintage clothing, imperfections are to be expected especially on the tag (brand label). 90% of it is new / like new. However we guaranteed 95% in best condition. Not for those looking for brand new items. We not selling hard-worn/garbage to our lovely customer.

Each dress is unique and one of kind item. You may never see the same design once you missed to grab it.

For information, materials received may be a little different than expected by the buyer. For example, silky Polyester with 100% polyester labels still have differences. 

There is a thin, thick, rough, smooth, sparse, textured surface etc. Therefore, it is difficult for us to fulfill all expectations of the buyer. 

LC4u never compromise on quality even sell clothes at very cheap prices because we are sure every cent of yours very valuable. 

LC4u will do a 'double check' before delivery all clothes. However, there still any possibility of human error that LC4u not noticed. 

LC4u willing to help you if:  

1) 'Major' defect which we did not realize before shipping (dirty / torn). 

2) There is a dubious image on clothing which is incompatible with Muslim’s women. 

   Please contact LC4u for above issues.


1)LC4u not responsible for minor defects on clothing that has been declared on items description. 

2)LC4u not responsible for the possible colors of the clothes received is not the same as the clothes featured in LC4u. We can not avoid this because there are various possibilities such as a camera flash effects, types of fabrics that reflect / absorb light and different color resolution settings on your computer/phone. 

3) LC4u not responsible for possibility of modification (alteration) on clothes by the previous owner 

4) LC4u not be liable for wrong cloth code or wrong delivery address provided by the customer. Make sure the code and exact shipping address. 

5) LC4u not responsible for mistakes in shipping process by PosLaju. However, please inform LC4u to take appropriate action. 

6) LC4u not be liable for not fitted clothes. Size given as guideline only. Check the measurement before proceeding with the purchase.

VintagebyLaishCloset4u selling Japanese Vintage & USA Vintage clothing, not newly manufactured clothes.

However, our customers respond positively to inform that our product quality equivalent and sometimes better than new products. 

Not suitable for fussy buyers who expect new cloth, but usually we exceed your expectations! 

So far, LC4u have never experienced any problems in dealings with customers (see testimonials). So, do not hesitate to shopping in LC4u!


E-mail : laishcloset4u@yahoo.com

SMS: 013-7599831 (Mrs. Laila)