Terms & Conditions

Please read before making any order.

Each cloth in LaishCloset4u (LC4U) is unique. There are 1 piece only. 1 design, 1 size only.

Do not change default quantity  (Qty) in shopping cart. It should always be 1 piece for every code item.


The price shown NOT including postage unless stated. Please state your location for calculation of the cost of postage.

Postage is done every day. Payments cleared before 3 pm will be posted on the same day (T & C)

For more information, please click Delivery Information

You are encouraged to use the shopping cart system that is faster and easier. You will redirect to make payments.

LC4U accept credit card payments, debit cards, online banking and Paypal.

For international purchases, we accept Paypal only  (for the moment).

For those willing to make a cash deposit in the bank. Please Whatsapp to +60137599831 @ email laishcloset4u@yahoo.com for booking arrangements.

LC4U will try our best to reply order within 12 hours. Before order manually, make sure you can make the payment WITHIN 24 hours after the order confirmed.


Booking (for orders manually) will automatically expired if no payment is made within 24 hours, without notice of LC4U.

You may be blacklisted from making purchases in other times if you not trying to inform us. Waiting Customer will be given permission to proceed with the purchase.


Before order please check the measurement of the clothes first. All items are measured in units INCHES. 1inci = 2.54cm.

Sizes are approximate (as guideline only). Please allow different of 0.5" in measurement. No refund or exchange can be done.

Women body are unique! Even you wear same size as another women, your measurement of bust, waist or hips will never be the same as them.

LC4u entitled to return the payment if there is damage to clothing during double check BEFORE shipping.

Customer reserves the right to change clothes damaged by other items @ refunded payments made BEFORE shipping.


We not accept cash-on-delivery (COD)


We accepts payment via credit card, debit card and Internet Banking (FPX) for Malaysian customer. Please proceed once you redirect to SenangPay online payment gateway.

If you need to make cash deposit payment, please manually contact us via Contact Form.

Please make sure you can make payment within 24 hours after we confirmed your order. (T&C applied) 


We accept Paypal for International customer only. This option of payment ONLY visible when you make purchased of RM100 and above.

Paypal fee will be charged in your shipping fee.

Refund / Return

We not accept return due to minor defects on stock. Every defect will be state in product description if noticeable. Please read carefully.

We not accept return due to not fitted clothes. As informed, size given as guideline only. Please check the measurement given before purchase.

We not offered refund due to wrong shipping address was given. Please double check your shipping address before send order.

However, we accept if u received wrong item. Do not hesitated to contact us for that issue. (So far, we never faced it)

If your item not arrived, please contact us. We will helps you to trace your parcel. But we not offered refund of Poslaju mistakes.

Keep in Touch

Any questions / suggestion, kindly contact us via email/contact form.

Email Careline: laishcloset4u@yahoo.com

LC4U also constantly UPDATE latest clothes on facebook. So, let's quickly LIKE LC4u fanpage :)

Important Note 

LC4u not involved in wholesale sales. Question of bulk purchasing will not be entertained.


Thank you


Sila baca sebelum membuat sebarang pesanan.


Setiap pakaian LaishCloset4u (LC4U) adalah unik. Ada hanya sehelai sahaja. 1 design ada 1 saiz sahaja. 

Dilarang mengubah kuantiti item (Qty) di bahagian shopping cart. Setiap code hanya ada 1 helai sahaja.

Harga yang dinyatakan TIDAK termasuk postage kecuali dinyatakan. Sila nyatakan lokasi anda utk memudahkan pengiraan kos postage. 

Postage dilakukan setiap hari. Pembayaran yang disahkan sebelum 3 petang akan diposkan pada hari yang sama (T&C) - pending

Maklumat lebih lanjut, sila klik Delivery Information

Anda digalakkan menggunakan sistem shopping cart yang lebih pantas dan mudah. Terus buat pembayaran.

LC4U menerima pembayaran kredit kad, debit kad, online banking & Paypal.

Paypal sahaja untuk pembelian international (buat masa ini).

Untuk yang ingin buat cash deposit di bank. Sila Whatsapp ke +60137599831 @ email laishcloset4u@yahoo.com untuk urusan booking.

LC4U akan sedaya upaya membalas order dalam tempoh 12 jam. Kepada yang telah order secara manual, PASTIKAN dapat membuat bayaran dalam tempoh 24 jam selepas order confirm.


Booking (untuk order manual) secara automatically expired jika tiada pembayaran dilakukan dlm tempoh 24jam, tanpa notis dari LC4U.

Anda mungkin akan di blacklisted dari membuat belian di lain kali sekiranya tidak memaklumkan kepada kami. Waiting Customer akan diberikan kebenaran untuk meneruskan pembelian.   


Sebelum order harap dapat menyemak saiz pakaian dahulu. Semua item diukur dlm unit INCI. 1inci = 2.54cm :) 

Saiz yang diberikan adalah anggaran sahaja. Sila jangkakan perbezaan 0.5" dalam ukuran. Tiada pemulangan wang atau tukar boleh dilakukan.

Tubuh wanita adalah unik! Walaupun anda memakai saiz L, ukuran dada, pinggang atau pinggul tidak akan sama dengan wanita lain yang memakai saiz baju yang sama.

LC4u berhak memulangkan pembayaran sekiranya mendapati terdapat kerosakan pada pakaian semasa double check SEBELUM penghantaran.

Customer berhak menukar pakaian yang rosak tersebut dengan item lain @ dipulangkan pembayaran SEBELUM penghantaran dilakukan.


Kami tidak menyediakan pembayaran-semasa-penghantaran (cash on delivery - COD)


Kami menerima pembayaran melalui kredit kad, debit kad dan Perbankan Internet (FPX) bagi pelanggan Malaysia. Sila teruskan pembayaran apabila anda melalui pembayaran online SenangPay.

Jika anda perlu membuat pembayaran melalui cash deposit, sila hubungi kami secara manual melalui Contact Form.

Pastikan anda boleh membuat pembayaran dalam tempoh 24 jam selepas kami mengesahkan order anda. (tertakluk T&C).


Kami menerima Paypal untuk pelanggan luar negara sahaja. Pilihan pembayaran ini HANYA akan muncul apabila anda membuat pilihan RM100 ke atas sahaja.

Cas Paypal akan termasuk di dalam kos penghantaran.


Pemulangan Wang / Item

LC4u tidak menerima pemulangan atas sebab kerosakan kecil pada stok. Setiap kerosakan kecil akan dinyatakan di bahagian detail setiap produk.

LC4u tidak menerima pemulangan atas sebab pakaian tidak muat. Seperti dinyatakan saiz diberikan sebagai panduan sahaja. Pastikan ukuran diberikan adalah tepat.

LC4u tidak menerima pemulangan atas sebab kesalahan alamat. Sila pastikan alamat diberikan adalah tepat sebelum meneruskan pembelian.

Walau bagaimanapun, kami akan menanggung 100% kos pemulangan & penghantaran semula sekiranya anda menerima item yang salah. (Tidak pernah berlaku setakat ini)

Sekiranya item anda tidak diterima, sila maklumkan kepada kami untuk bantuan menjejak parcel anda. Walau bagaimanapun, kami tidak menanggung kesalahan yang dilakukan pihak PosLaju. Harap maklum.

Teruskan menyokong kami!

Sebarang pertanyaan / idea, sila hubungi LC4u melalui email / order form.

Email Careline : laishcloset4u@yahoo.com

LC4U juga sentiasa UPDATE baju-baju terbaru di facebook. So, jom cepat-cepat LIKE fanpage LC4u :)

Nota Penting

LC4u tidak terlibat dengan penjualan secara borong. Pertanyaan pembelian borong tidak akan dilayan.


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